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DS E-tense :
"L'art en mouvement"

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A year after the official launch of the brand, and a mere matter of days after completing the modernisation of its entire European fleet, DS has again caused a stir with a unique vehicle: the DS E-TENSE. The product of traditional craftsmanship worthy of a premier French luxury house and the use of digital tools in combination make the DS E-TENSE a one-off, as much for its exterior design features as for the drive sensation it provides. The experience is one of luxury, high-tech capability and exceptional performance in one sleek package. Encapsulating the brand’s technological and stylistic vision, this avant-garde creation opens the way to the future with a top-notch electric powertrain.

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A technological and stylistic vision for the brand, this avant-garde creation opens up the possibilities of the future and features a high-performance electric powertrain.

Thierry Metroz

With its futuristic lines and carefully crafted details, it evokes a sense of pure elegance and sophistication. It reveals a sumptuous cabin where every detail has been thought through to deliver the ultimate driving experience.