DS X E-tense :
our dream
for 2035

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Close your eyes and allow your imagination to envisage what the car of your dreams might look like in 2035. Use your senses to picture how new forms, new materials and new technologies might combine to produce a vehicle that will epitomise luxury on four wheels in the future. This is the stimulating assignment the men and women at DS Automobiles were given – to imagine a dream car looking forward to 2035. The fruit of their collective fantasy is DS X E-TENSE, a car of incomparable refinement.

Thanks to revolutionary technological advances, the DS X E-TENSE offers an immersive and intuitive driving experience, where every moment is an invitation to get lost in the maze of innovation.

Every curve, every detail has been carefully considered to create a breathtaking aesthetic, where design blends harmoniously with performance and durability.

Close your eyes, dream… Let your senses imagine new shapes, new materials and new technologies to invent the future of luxury on four wheels.

Thierry Metroz