Loïc Bethegnies

UX Design Manager • DS Automobiles

  • Design Team


Can you describe your job as UX Design manager?


My job is that of a digital art director, for the U.I. (User Interfaces). This involves making all the information displayed on vehicle screens practical and attractive. This information is linked to safety, infotainment and the media, and therefore to all the functions already present in the vehicle (air conditioning settings, parameters, etc.). There are many different types of screen, including the handset behind the steering wheel, the projection on the windscreen, the central touch screen or any other screen in the passenger compartment.

What is your experience?

My experience helps me a lot in this role: I've been working for 8 years on the design of I.U.s in the automotive industry, after spending 15 years in the audiovisual sector, including 13 at Canal +. I've also done a lot of work on animated films, after attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

I’ve always proposed minimalist, luminous graphics. Some of what is developed for the concept cars will be found in the next production cars.

How do you create the DS TOUCH?

I've always proposed minimalist, luminous graphics. It was undoubtedly this signature that appealed to Thierry METROZ and the interior and exterior designers. To define the graphics specific to DS Automobiles, we are all looking together for areas of expression, for current and future models. Some of what is developed for the concept cars will be found in the next production cars.

Beyond the purely design aspect, I appreciate the relationship between the different entities, design and product. Everyone is pulling in the same direction.

What achievement ar you most proud of?

I'm proud of the design of the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept. It's the first time we've managed to create a display that makes the screens disappear, using video projection technology. The information appears directly on the materials and plays on the hollowed-out surfaces. It's a very elegant and accomplished project.

What are your sources of inspiration and your passions?

When I create the graphics, contemporary art inspires me, especially the work of visual artists. I'm interested in Wim Delvoye: this Belgian artist has a great sense of humour and draws inspiration from traditional craftsmanship in his work. In another field, I like Niels UDO's work on plants, with ephemeral installations that are always relevant and adapted to their space. I'm sensitive to all forms of art and creativity.

As far as my passions are concerned, I like to get out in the countryside, I'm fascinated by living things and nature. Mountain biking is one of my favourite pastimes, especially downhill runs.