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Welcome behind the scenes!
We are one of the first manufacturers to present a manifesto at a motor show. Unlike a Concept Car, a manifesto is an internal mock-up used to stimulate and validate with top management, the brand and engineering our thoughts on the interiors of our models and the exterior silhouettes, or life on board, infotainment systems, innovative technologies and new materials.

This time, we have decided to share with the general public this object, which represents a vision of our future, because our creative processes here are highly accomplished.

Thierry Métroz — DS Automobiles Design Director

The M.i. 21 manifesto is a research object, developed by the Design entity and initially intended for internal use. It presents a vision of the future of DS Automobiles interiors, revealing design codes and innovations.

It was revealed on 7 June at the Révélations show in Paris.

The imminent arrival of autonomous driving and new technologies provides an opportunity to create a new interior that illustrates the French Art of Travel, the signature of DS Automobiles.

M.i. 21 showcases the essential elements of travel: interior space, immersion, sound, light, storage, and the artistic dimension.

The architecture frees up space, allowing for serene travel on board. The dashboard has been pushed forward and the floor has been freed from the tunnel and the centre console. The loudspeakers have also disappeared, and are grouped together in a single unit. This simplification contributes to the visual lightening and weight savings of future models.

Sound is staged in a unique system: the DS Auditorium. It redefines spatial sound and replaces all loudspeakers. Placed in the centre of the cabin, it contributes to the refined style of the M.i. 21 manifesto. and is animated by light effects depending on the sound ambience.

Immersion and the simplicity of HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) is the thinking behind this manifesto.

The screens disappear from the passenger compartment to make way for a transparent panel that displays the information and then fades away to reveal the material and the decor. This technology limits information overload and frees the occupants' minds. Only the rear-view screens are present. A crystal touchpad houses a remote control system for navigating the infotainment menus.

Indirect lighting adds depth and softness to the curves of the cabin. Dreamlike, it gives the illusion of floating elements. It magnifies the decorations, including the circles in the doors. Intelligent, it adapts to the desires and needs of passengers, contributing to their well-being.

The storage units have been designed as jewel cases for everyday objects. Their resin decorations incorporate extracts of mother-of-pearl and gold leaf to enhance their appearance. Particular attention has been paid to holding the occupants' bags, in the form of a handle in the centre, close to the floor.

On board the M.i. 21, every detail contributes to the enhancement and well-being of the occupants, allowing them to escape and enjoy their journey. Light and sound can be personalized, information can disappear and storage space is custom-designed. The integration of artistic pieces allows passengers to elevate themselves through art, to live a different travel experience…

Thomas Bouveret Head of Interior Design - DS Automobiles

The artistic dimension is enhanced by circles integrated into the door panels. Made-to-measure, they offer an unprecedented area of expression for the creations of the artists and craftsmen working with the Brand.

I was inspired by the Miroir Satellite, a creation by French architect Eliane Grey, to design the circle that highlights artistic creation. The circle is a timeless motif with strong graphics. In Asian culture, the Ënsö circle symbolises harmony and balance.

Luc QUIRIN - Interior designer for the M.i. 21 manifesto

The metallic pleating in the circles of the storm doors is made from a satin weave fabric. Its brilliance comes from the metallisation carried out by the DS Sellerie workshop. This is a natural, high-quality material, which we describe as sustain-noble. The other proposed decorations were produced by the MTX workshops for the stretched ribbons, and INVENIO FLORY for the embroidered wood marquetry."

Vincent LOBRY - DS Automobiles Colour & Materials & Trims Manager

All the elements of the manifesto make up an interior dedicated to travel. Its refined, timeless atmosphere reinterprets the codes of luxury, with a controlled, serene approach to sophistication.