Tesson Faget

Product Director • DS Automobiles

  • Design


Which product innovations will be highlighted in the future DS street cars?


Our goal is to nurture the brand promise, the French Art of Travel, for each of the future DS that will be launched and that all will be 100% electric.

At the heart of the innovation worked for DS, the future cockpit: screens are integrated, or even disappear to highlight the unique way in which the Brand stages materials, and free up more space on board. In an autonomous car, we will try to move the screens away without touching them. This challenge leads us to think about innovative solutions for the future.

In a totally complementary way, we want to exploit the opportunities offered by digital technology, which will have to make the travel experience even more fluid: the car gradually becomes a connected super object. For example, I can prepare my trip in my living room and customize my cabin, then once on board, the car will be able to make intelligent proposals to improve the journey or configurations.

Of course, we also continue to work on comfort, from all angles: dynamic comfort with customizable controlled suspension, seat comfort and sound insulation, to enhance the quality of our Hi-Fi audio systems while reinforcing the impression of serenity on board.

Outside, we are working on new light signature technologies.

They will have to identify a DS as surely as the bead stitch or leather bracelet make it stand out inside.

What are your inspirations?

In my line of work, I am inspired by the designers' proposals. Style is the first reason for choosing our clients. With my team, we have to go beyond the concept to give life to the car imagined by style, ensuring that it also meets customer expectations in terms of services.

I love what the Brand says about the integration of crafts and art. In particular Digital Art: using display surfaces not only to inform but to bring art on board and create moments of disconnection, it inspires me, I want to contribute to the success of this idea.

What attracts you to DS Automobiles design?

At first glance, I like the DS posture, easily recognizable, assertive, assumed but not excessive. I also like this gap that brings unexpected know-how into our cars. Global alchemy is truly unique, we must cultivate it with audacity!

What are your passions, what drives you?

Personally, my passions are precisely related to art. I buy contemporary art and study art history at the Louvre school. The French Art of Travel speaks to me a lot: my taste for the automobile also comes from travel and mobility. So I feel completely in tune with the atmosphere that we manage to create on board the DS.

Why create a new DS Design website

We’re going to target a more informed audience, talk to a wider community, who are interested in the creative process, looking for universes of inspiration. The user who connects to it will not have the same approach as that of a customer who is looking for equipment on a specific model, even if there are gateways from one site to another.