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The Antoine de Saint Exupéry collection highlights the expertise of DS Automobiles. Each model of the collection invites us to the Art of travel: the new paint Vol de Nuit (Night Flight), the choice of materials and the embroidery patterns recall the world of aviation. The multiple nods to the work of Saint Exupéry add a poetic note to this new collection.

A new Collection inspired by the universe of Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“To me, Saint Exupéry was an avant-garde, an explorer of new horizons, an adventurer, an inventor and an engineer. His universe was aviation. And aviation inspires us designers. Especially the elegance of the fuselages, the fluidity of the forms, the innovation in the materials, with the quest for resistance and lightness.”

Thierry METROZ, Design Director DS Automobiles

DR / Archives de la Succession Saint Exupéry–d'Agay

“We present collections once a year, as in Haute Couture. Our models express our Savoir-faire and their limited number cultivates rarity. Their unprecedented comfort and treatment are at the service of serenity on board. They give meaning to our signature: Travelling is an art.”

Agnès TESSON-FAGET, Product Director DS Automobiles

A design that incorporates the codes of aviation

The exterior tint called Vol de Nuit takes the appearance of a starry dawn, echoing what could be observed through the window of an airplane.

This shade is not metallic, but has been worked with pigments and a specific mother of pearl that bring these subtle golden reflections.

“Inside, the cabin incorporates the aviation codes of the days of the great aviators of the 1930s and 1940s. The Criollo Brown Nappa leather upholstery is inspired by weatherproof patinated leathers, which were the bombers' jackets, helmets and gloves. Its chocolate color gives a warm touch to the interior. His generosity to the touch reflects the comfort and expertise of DS Automobiles.” 

Vincent LOBRY – Design Manager Colours, Materials and Finishes DS Automobiles

The embroidery lines on the dashboard are reminiscent of the airflow of planes in the sky.

This stitching technique is used for the first time in series on the leather of the dashboards. It reflects the expertise of the brand’s saddlers.

The pearl stitch, here echoes the riveted cabins of airplanes. These little identity stitching on the seats and door panels are also a strong part of DS Automobiles' DNA.

The badges, inserted in the cockpit and on the body, recall the plates of the aviators. They take the Speedform logo, whose graphics represent the fuselage of the P38 lightning of Saint Exupéry, with a propeller placed in the middle. It is also reminiscent of a star, that could be used as a guide for aviators.

Models signed with the name of the works of Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The name of each model in the collection embodies its design and philosophy: DS 3 Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), DS 4 Courrier Sud (Southern Mail) and DS 7 Citadelle (Citadel).

“DS 3 is our Little Prince, both in size and in the feeling it gives: inside, we are like in a bubble. The taut lines of the DS 4 are reminiscent of a fairing sculpted by the wind. The DS 7 silhouette evokes safety and power.”

Thierry METROZ, Design Director DS Automobiles