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A second edition featuring the effects of light, christened DS LUMEN. A design competition that highlights new talents.

DS x MÉTIERS D’ART is a design competition open to the best creative craftspeople based in France, in partnership with studio Metier Rares. This contest requests the professional artists’ innovative powers to inspire the creativity of the CMF designers (Colours materials and Finishes) of DS Automobiles. Since its creation in 2014, the Brand has built bridges with French artisans and its own creations. It has specialized in integrating new know-how into its series models and concept cars, such as leather work or seams, or unexpected materials, such as feathers or straw marquetry.

Following the success of the first edition in 2021, which led to the creation of an exclusive DS 9 interior trim, DS Automobiles has started a second episode, christened DS LUMEN in 2022/2023. This competition aimed to highlight the effects of light passing through materials by applying it to the grille of New DS 3 E-TENSE, the 100% electric model.

“We are committed to finding and promoting talent among French artists. Motivated by the success of the first DS x MÉTIERS D’ART which gave rise to the creation of an exclusive interior for DS 9, we were eager to start this second one with the themes of light and transparency that are important to us. The medium of expression was the grille of New DS 3 E-TENSE. 100% electric, this model can be rid of the traditional limitations of cooling to offer a new surface on which the artists could freely express all their creativity, savoir-faire and expertise.” 

Thierry Metroz, Design Director

“We are committed to finding and promoting talent among French artists…”

Jurors from different backgrounds, characterised by the excellence of french savoir-faire.

The jury is made up of 8 members, including influent people in the fields of Art and Creation, and members of DS Automobiles team. The 3 finalists were shortlisted by the jury.

Hervé Lemoine, President of Mobilier National, and Chairman of the jury.

Anne Lopez, Concept creator, winner of DS x MÉTIERS D’ART first edition.

Cécile Feilchenfeldt, Textile creator specialising in knitwear and founder of Knitwearstudio Paris.

Arnaud Vaillant & Sébastien Meyer, Coperni co-founders.

Julien Dumas, Michelin-Starred chef at the Bellefeuille Restaurant in the Saint James Paris hotel and DS Automobiles ambassador for cuisine.

Béatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles CEO.

Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Design Director.

Jean-Phillipe Vanhulle, In charge of the DS Automobiles Upholstery workshop.

"Because today's creation is tomorrow's heritage, because this same contemporary creation draws an extraordinary source of inspiration from crafts, I am delighted to take part for the first time in the DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition, a springboard for the talents of tomorrow, whose challenges are in line with the missions carried out by the Mobilier national. Much more than the Garde-Meuble de la France, the Mobilier national is first and foremost a lively place at the crossroads of design innovations. Supporting artistic professions, the institution, like DS Automobiles, is a showcase of savoir-faire.”

Hervé Lemoine, Chairman of the jury DS x MÉTIERS D’ART 2 – DS LUMEN

The 9 candidates of the DS x MÉTIERS D'ART 2 – DS LUMEN

In November 2022, many art craftspeople registered. 10 entrants were chosen by an in-house committee. Each of them designed samples with an allotted budget.

Michela Aragni and Ludivine Loursel (submitted work in glass and bronze)
Michela Aragni, a designer by training, created Myrte Studio in 2022. The studio has 3 craftsmen, including Ludivine Loursel, bronze artist-glassblower. Michela and Ludivine perfected their techniques with glass blower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert. Ludivine creates lighting, sculptures and art objects by combining metal and glass.

Morgane Baroghel Crucq (ochre dyed woven linen)
Morgane explores the possibilities of non-textile materials woven into exceptional surfaces. Her achievements are intended for professionals or individuals sensitive to the excellence of the gesture, exceptional projects. Her inspiration is her ideal of beauty: the silent landscapes, the light that reveals them.

Noue Atelier - Charlotte Winné and Ludovic Buron (twisted bronze)
Charlotte Winné and Ludovic Buron, creative couple trained in Art craftmanships at Ecole Boulle, they meet under a common signature: NOUE. Their Atelier is distinguished by a transversal and curious approach based on the exchange of their know-how: cabinetmaking and bronze frames.

Paulina Okurowska (slate mosaic)
Paulina, mosaic artist of Polish origin, has been working for 10 years, slate engraved, cut, glued, cut, sorted and recycled. Between interior decoration projects, unique and singular works, wall panels or installations, Paulina centers all her technical and aesthetic approach around this particular material.

Atelier Douarn - Sandrine Ramona (porcelain ceramic)
Sandrine installed L'Atelier DOUARN near Nantes in 2005. Her proximity to Brittany is precious to her. She creates porcelain wall panels on support or in situ. Each ceramic piece plays with light. Sandrine works with interior designers, decorators, hotels, restaurants…

Justine Durand (mosaic of eggshell pieces)
A painter, from structural work to meticulous decor, Justine is versatile in wall decor. She fell in love with the work of the Lacquer, especially the inlay of egg shells. Recover, throw away as little as possible, recycle the "so-called" waste is her will to create. Justine draws insatiably from nature.

Line & Raphael (wood and 3D printing parts)
Line (designer) & Raphaël (cabinetmaker), founded in 2019 their Studio of creation and manufacture. They offer bespoke space design concepts, as well as furniture and decorative objects. They use traditional techniques (marquetry, assemblies, etc.) and digital techniques (3D printing, laser cutting).

Lyse Drouaine - Luxdawn_LD Creation (woven fibre optic and copper wire)
Lyse, creator of light materials, founded Luxdawn® in 2018. She weaves, by hand, exceptional materials, designed for the development of interior spaces. Threads of linen, hemp, silk and copper intersect with optical fibers to compose a luminous, discreet and elegant partition.

Maison Pavane - Anne Leroux (lacquer)
Maison Pavane offers unique works in earthenware lacquer and fibers in the service of sound design, architecture, layout and instrumental craftsmanship. She constantly pushes the limits of the material by associating it with wood, earth and textile fibers. The lacquer material gives all its splendor to the decorations made.

Lyse Drouaine, winner of the DS X MÉTIERS D'ART 2, lights up DS 3 E-TENSE's grille

Selected by the jury, the 3 finalists designed a unique grille for New DS 3 E-TENSE. Their work had been showcased at the REVELATIONS exhibition - the international biennial of fine crafts and contemporary creation - from June 7 to 11, 2023 at the Grand Palais Ephemere in Paris. This year, exceptionally, the public at the show were asked to take part in choosing the winners.

Third place went to Justine Durand for her mosaic of eggshell pieces.

Second prize and recipient of the "People’s Choice" award, Noue Atelier, represented by Charlotte Winné and Ludovic Buron, was commended for its rhythmic polished brass frame.

Lyse DOUAINE was the winner of the DS x MÉTIERS D’ART 2nd edition – DS LUMEN. Founder of the Luxdawn® design house, she created a grille for an exclusive model: DS 3 E-TENSE LUMEN. This unique grille consists of a weave of optical fibres, diffusing fibres and enameled copper wires, as well as a printed adaptable adhesive, the proposal is backlit.

"I work between Aubusson, a city renowned for its tapestries, and Lyon, the city of lights. The distinctiveness of my work is linking the crafts of weaving and lighting. When DS Automobiles launched this design competition on the theme of light, it was obvious to take part in it. I called my project 'Incidence'. The technical constraints led me to define a new light aesthetic, by the principle of transparency, the effects of depth and the sensation of vibration. The shape and volume specific to the grille’s design led me to work with a flexible and shape-memory material. For its manufacture, I used a mixed technique of weaving and tapestry, adapted tools and a new technique.”

Lyse Drouaine, DS x MÉTIERS D'ART 2 winner

The technical constraints led me to define a new light aesthetic, by the principle of transparency, the effects of depth and the sensation of vibration.

“Lyse Drouaine's work is a subtle blend of classical and modern. She used the loom which is a very old tool for working while bringing a great modernity through the materials used, especially technical ones such as fibre optics and natural ones like fabric. This undertaking is part of our SustaiNobility projects that combine sustainability and nobility.”

Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Design Director