Vincent Lobry

Colours & Materials & Trims Manager • DS Automobiles

  • Design Team
  • DS World


Can you describe your job as Colour & Material &Trims (CMT) Manager?


CMT designers work on all surfaces of the pieces designed by interior and exterior designers: paints, textiles, plastics in their mass, glass, metal, etc. We are working more and more with designers not just to be decorators, but to intervene in the design of the parts, their structure, and their feasibility.
My role is to push the creativity of project managers and expert engineers in the development of cars and innovations, while maintaining the DS identity. A neophyte will name the green car, not its code name.

What do you like most about DS cars design?

At DS Automobiles, we are not in a race for sportiness expressiveness, but in refinement and elegance. That’s what I like about the design of our models.

What makes me most proud is that I dared to put unexpected materials like feathers in a car, in the DS X E-TENSE concept car.

What are the colour & trims design features of the DS models?

What distinguishes the interiors of DS models is the attention to detail and the dedication to know-how, which are the essence of DS' raison d'être: to transpose luxury to the French automobile universe. Our design codes, which have become iconic, are the Watch Strap on the seats, the Pearl Stitch which is an embroidery stitch from the world of haute couture, the patinated leathers as well as the complex textile weaves (weaving support). 

What achievement are you most proud of?

What makes me most proud is that I dared to put unexpected materials like feathers in a car, in the DS X E-TENSE concept car. We had the chance to work with craftspeople and professionals from all walks of life, to take the automobile out of its usual territory of expression. The straw marquetry and haute couture embroidery that adorn the DS Aero Sport Lounge and DS Divine concepts are other examples.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I focus on looking at humanity, to know who I could touch through the work on colors and materials. The work of CMT designers bring strong shades to the reading and meaning of a single car. I always try to match a creation to a person’s character. For example, I have already worked with a hard musical background, with techno, or lighter, with jazz, to match the identity of a car to different personalities.

Why create a new website dedicated to DS Design?

This website will emphasize the creation process whereas sales remain the goal of the Brand’s institutional site. We can explain how we work and create. The site may become a tool to gather feedback from visitors who have visited it. This can enrich the brand and give us information about people who are interested in DS Automobiles.